Our Statement
At India, accessible through, one of our main priorities is your privacy. We are constantly upgrading our systems in order to ensure the best protection for your personal data. Please read this Privacy Policy document carefully as it contains the details of all the information that is collected and recorded by India and how we use it.

What is our role?
What type of data do we collect?
Why do we process the personal information of our visitors?
How will we inform you if we change our privacy statement?
Do you have the right to request the removal of personal data?
How will we communicate with you?
Do we share your data?
Do we store your data?
technical and organizational measures taken by us
Links to third-party websites
What is Our Role? India Private Limited is a company this is incorporated and registered in India. Our main task is to control the data for the information you provide or is collected through our platform. (Platform refers to the websites, mobile apps, or any other online medium through which we offer our services.)

What Type of Data do We Collect?
We collect data in two ways. First, when you provide your information directly and secondly, through automatic data capturing. Let us discuss both the cases in detail.

When you provide your information directly

Following are the cases during which you provide your information to us directly:

While Registration
When you register your account on our website, the information we collect depends on the mode of registration. Here are the details of all the information we collect according to the mode of registration:

Through Google Account: When you register using a Google account, the information we store is your First name, Last name, and email address.

Through Mobile Number: When you register your account using a mobile number, the only information we collect is your Mobile number.

Through Facebook Account: When a user registers using a Facebook account, we store the First name and Last name.  We may store additional information like gender, age, and email ID depending on your ‘permissions’ settings.

While Using the Website or App
While using the website or application, you may also provide additional information like:

Mobile number
Email address
Credit or Debit card details (in case you wish to buy our paid services)
While Using the ‘Chat’ Feature
When you provide additional data to another user while chatting, we may also collect that data.

Through Automatic Data Capturing

There is a certain kind of data that our system collects automatically while you navigate through our website or mobile application. This may include:

Device Information
We collect information related to your device such as the version of your operating system, your network providers, unique identifiers, etc. We associate these with your account.

It is very important for us to know your location while you post an item or search for it. This helps us to process the information to the buyers in your area or provide you a list of sellers near you. To determine your location, we use different technologies including GPS, IP Address, Wi-Fi access point, and mobile towers. Whenever we need access to your location, a box pops up on your screen seeking permission to access your location. If you deny permission, you will still be able to use our services but the functioning will not be very smooth. Whereas, if you give permission and wish to change that later, you may change the settings later.

Client and Log Data
We store information like your IP (Internet Protocol) address, operating system, and time zone. Additionally, we also collect log in information (like last password change, last successful login, date of registration, etc) and the type of browser and its version.

Clickstream Data
We also store the data related to your activity on our platform. This includes every activity since you log in till the time you exit our platform (including the time when you logged in or exited, the content you searched or visited, the time you spent on a particular page, etc).

Cookies and Similar Technologies
We use cookies to enhance your user experience on our website by storing information related to your visits. This includes your language selection, preferences, browsing history, username, date and time of your visit, etc. The web servers transfer small text files (cookies) to your hard drive. These cookies help to load the website faster. We use these cookies to show you advertisements based on your preferences and choices. You may allow or deny permission to access cookies but this might affect or disable some functions of our platform.

Why do We Process Personal Information of Our Visitors?
We use your personal data within the legal limitations. We use your personal data during three main situations:

When we have to enter in a contract with you
When we have to improve our services
When there is a legal or regulatory obligation
If we need to process your data for any other reason, we always ask for your consent. In such cases, we also notify you regarding the purpose and category of personal data.

How Will We Inform You if We Change Our Privacy Statement?
This Privacy Statement will be updated from time to time. You will be notified about the changes through an email or through the account. The changes will appear in the statement.

Do You Have the Right to Request Removal of Personal Data?
You may ask to remove or delete your personal data anytime you want.

How Will We Communicate with You?
All the communication or interaction from our side will be through emails, SMS, or in-app notifications. This interaction could be either to promote our services or to inform you about the recent activities or transactional messages.

Do We Share Your Data?
Yes, we share your data with the below-mentioned parties:

Corporate Affiliates

Our group companies, located in India, provide us help with services enhancement, customer support, and fraud detection. For these purposes, we have to share your data with these companies.

Advertising and Analytics Providers

We have to improve our services from time to time. We have analytics providers who help us form strategies. For this purpose, we provide them your personal data. However, this data is not identifiable, which means that nobody could know that the data belongs to you.

Law Enforcement Authorities, Regulators, and Others

We might have to share your personal data with the above-mentioned authorities due to legal or regulatory compliance.

Publicly Available Information

When you post a listing, you have the option to provide your details along with your product or service. This may include your full name, email address, contact number, location, etc. The information you provide is visible to all the users on India.

Do We Store Your Data?
Yes, we store your data and process it in secure servers in order to enhance the user experience. The duration of data retention largely depends on the type of data and its importance for us. Once the data serves its purpose, it is removed.

Technical and Organizational Measures Taken by Us
We take the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that your personal data and information remains safe and secure. Additionally, we also make sure that all the data that includes money transactions is encrypted through SSL technology.

Links to Third-party Websites
The website of India may contain links to third-party websites. If you click on the links, you should remember that we do not control those websites and their privacy policy is different from ours. So, we advise you to read their privacy policy before you use the website.